Australian Organisation for Quality Inc.

Our Purpose

Is to provide leadership in quality that drives a strong, competitive Australia.

Our Vision

AOQ – recognised globally as the intellectual and practical heart of quality in Australia.

Our Mission

Make quality meaningful, compelling and satisfying.



AOQ is a federation of associations based on States with Regional Centres overseen by a National Council.

AOQ is Australia’s Peak Professional Body for Quality practitioners and anyone interested in continual improvement in business leading to excellence in products and services.

AOQ Inc is pleased to welcome new members by contacting Arrangements will be made to put you in contact with local AOQ Inc members affiliated with the AOQ National Body.

All comments and enquiries welcome and encouraged. Contact



Position Email
Mr Jeff Ryall JM
Dr Martin Andrew
President Elect
Mr Bruce Riley
AOQ-South Australia
Mr Russell Hughes
Mr Craig Ottaway
Mr Tony Pilli
Mr Drago Mlinarevic
Mrs Kathryn Koay
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